BPPA Committee Members

Awards Committee

Chairman: Christopher Broderick

Banquet Committee

The Leadership

Bargaining Committee

President: Patrick Rose
Vice President: Michael Leary
Secretary: Christopher Broderick

Manny Canuto (YVSF)
James LaCroix (C11)

Detail - Overtime Committee

Chairman: Tony Mousalli (HQ)
Steve Parham (B3)
Tom Antonino (D4)
Matt Morris (A7)

Jim Doiron (C11)
John Conway
Heather MacKenzie (School)

Grievance Committee

Vice President, Chairman: Michael Leary
Christopher Broderick
Robert Colburn
Bob Butler
Matthew Carey
Steven Parham

Jim Carnell
Jimmy LaCroix
John Rogers
Daniel MacIsaac
Danny McCarthy
Paula Sutherland

Health and Safety Committee

Chairman: Paul Downey
Otis Harewood
Kevin Golden

Jimmy DeFeo
Angel Figueroa

Labor Management Committee

Chairman: Daniel McCarthy
Charles Kelley
Shawn O’Neill

Joseph Ruka
Kevin Rooney

Election Committee