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House of Representatives 2015 Schedule

To: All Representatives
From John Bilotas, Secretary
February 05, 2015
Wednesday March 04,2015@7:00pm
Wednesday April 01,2015 @10:30am
Wednesday May 06,2015@7:00pm
Wednesday June 03,2015@10:30am
Wednesday July 01,2015@7:00pm
Wednesday August 05,2015@10:30am
Wednesday September 02,2015@7:00pm
Wednesday October 07,2015@10:30am
Wednesday November 04,2015@7:00pm

General Membership meeting of the EMS Division will be Held on Wednesday December 02,2015 at the Union offices 9-11 Shetland street, Roxbury .

The General Membership meeting will commence At 10:30 am and 7:00 pm

All Members in good standing are encouraged to attend the General Membership Meeting

Passes As a member of the BPPA/EMS Division you are able to receive passes to the NE Aquarium, Children’s Museum and the Franklin Park/Stone Zoo. Please call the Union offices at (617) 989-2772 to reserve passes.